General Services

Cats At Home Feline Hospital has a wide range of general services to offer


Preventive Health Care Services:
– Parasite Control
– Infectious disease control, vaccine programs and recommendations
– Preventive health screens
– Wellness Programs (Kitten and Adult)

Medical/Surgical Services (Dr. Susan Thompson)
Laboratory Services – In Hospital Technical Staff
Diagnostic Imaging (Dr. Laurie Head, DACVR):
– Radiology
– Ultrasound

– Echocardiogram, EKG’s
Special Diagnostic Services:
– Allergy testing
– Endoscopy (Dr. Eugene Gorodetsky)

Reference Laboratory Services
Surgical Services:
– Routine
– Special – orthopedic and soft tissue
Anesthesia & Patient Monitoring (Dr. Thompson, Dr. Brock-ACVAA)
Intensive Care Monitoring (Dr. Thompson)
Dental Services (Dr. Susan Thompson)
– Scaling and polishing
– Radiographs
– Surgery
After Hours Emergency Care (Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley)
Alternative Therapies (in house and referral):
– Acupuncture
– Physiotherapy (Jenn Panko AHT, CCRP)
– Herbal
– Nutraceuticals
Specialist Referral Services:
– Neurology
– Opthamology
– Surgery
Cat Boarding
Cat Exporting
Retail Services
Zoonoses Counselling
Bathing/Grooming Services
Cat Nutrition
Cat Healthcare Resource Library
Cat Selection Counselling
Cat Loss Counselling
Cat Transport to and from Hospital
Cat Environmental Enrichment Counselling

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