Jun 24 2016

Chester’s Story




Chester is one of our amazing patients who has beaten the odds and survived oral cancer!  In 2014 at the age of 12, he was admitted for his routine dental cleaning.  Dr. Thompson, who does all our dental procedures, performed her thorough peri-operative inspection of Chester’s oral cavity to screen out any possible early onset of cancer.  Chester was identified with a small area of tissue under his tongue, near a salivary duct opening, that appeared abnormal.  Dr. Thompson took a tiny biopsy and it was sadly found to be squamous cell carcinoma (a very malignant oral cancer in cats).

Immediately we contacted Northwest Nuclear Medicine in Vancouver to see if Chester might be a candidate for a relatively new form of radiation therapy.  It was decided to treat with radioactive Strontium 90 one week after dental cleaning.  Chester was in for his therapy and home quickly to recover.  We scheduled a recheck 2 weeks later and again 6 weeks after that.  Our diligent attention and speed of treatment was a success!  Recently, Chester came if for his 2016 annual dental cleaning and has received a clean bill of health from Dr. Thompson.  Take a look at the photos of before and after.

Chester in his own way has the final word!

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