Nov 10 2016

Scarlett’s Tail of Woe

Scarlett’s Tail of Woe  November 2016

My cats name is Scarlett, and we had the good fortune of finding a gem of a Vet right by where we lived. Cats have been and always will be important in my life.  They are my babies. In fact any animal is my baby. Scarlett had seen Dr. Susan Thompson since she was a kitte
n and unfortunately had an accident to her tail which I caused unintentionally.  Dr. Thompson did not perform the first surgery as she was not working that day.  She had to have her tail partially amputated and her tail did not heal as it should have but we had taken her to the wrong emergency clinic. Her tail had become necrotic even though she was pretty much immobile due to a cone on her head and on antibiotics.  Susan told me that she would indeed have to undergScarlett3jpg.o a second surgery which she performed.  She was cautious with Scarlett’s tail and chose to wrap it.  Thank God she did as it prevented a potentially life threatening infection just a day or two after surgery as Scarlett developed diarrhea. Having her tail  wrapped was the saving grace. Everyone at Cats at Home is truly exceptional and knowledgeable and genuine. I was traumatized over what happened to my eleven month old baby, knowing it was my fault and having to have a second surgery.  I received Jim’s caring ear and a cup of coffee the day I found out she was to lose part of her tail. Nothing is ever hidden from you; everything is explained to you.

scarlet chairCats at home truly cares about your animal and wants what is best. Susan took such incredible care of Scarlett that I will never get over the lengths she went to ensure Scarlett would not endure anotherscarlet nightmarish situation.  I will always bring my cats to Cats at home because they always kept us informed of what was happening to Scarlett and I trusted them.  They are a truly educated and a warm caring staff that help you be a better mommy to your fur baby. Scarlett is so happy now she is over a year and a month or so and is cone-free after having to endure thirty days in a cone. She has her sassafras back and nothing holds her back not even missing three quarters of her tail. I look to Cats at Home as part of my family and hold them in high regards and much praise. Highly recommended ten stars!!!

Erin and Doug

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