Continuing Education Events

Cats at Home strives to remain current with advances in Feline Veterinary Care and Treatment options.  We are proud of our staff and their dedication to ongoing continuing education opportunities and feel that reporting it here will help to keep our clients and others aware of our passion and efforts.  You will find periodic entries for staff members here listing their most recent courses that they participated in.

Dr. Susan Thompson is continually attending courses either in person or online.  The following is a list of recent courses and conferences she has attended:

November 2018 Feline Myths Presentation.  Dr. Margie Scherk Presentation on various myths that occur about cats.

August-October 2016 Multiple Topics in Feline Medicine 2016.  Topics included Advances in Feline Oncology, Fluid Analysis, Chronic Pain, Lower Urinary Tract Health, Emesis (vomiting) and its Causes, Practical and Responsible use of Antibiotics.

October-November 2016  Dental Radiograph Interpretation.  This course was offered on VIN under the direction of a AVDC board certified Veterinary Dentist.  Included 8 hours of discussion, and review of complicated dental issues facing Veterinarians today with the benefit of oral radiographs available in practice.

July-September 2017 Topics in Feline Medicine 2017 This six week course covered topics such as Upper Respiratory Nasal diseases and infections(wk1), Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (wk2), Feline Genetic Counselling (wk3), Pharmaceutical Compounding (wk4), Stabilization and Treatment of “blocked” cats(wk5), Toxoplasmosis (wk6).

Congratulations to Dr. Thompson for completing this comprehensive overview of the leading approaches in treating Feline issues.

September-October 2017  Feline Neurology.  Designed to give Veterinarians a practical and comprehensive understanding of the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cats with various neurological issues.  Topics included Behaviour and Gait Analysis (wk1), Neurological Exam (wk2), Clinical Syndromes: Cerebral Cortex (wk3), Clinical Syndromes: Vestibular System and Cerebellum (wk4), Clinical Syndromes: Spinal cord and Peripheral Neuropathies (wk5), Episodic and Autonomic Neurological Diseases (wk6).

Dr. Laura Omeljaniuk 

November 2018 Feline Myths Presentation.  Dr. Margie Scherk Presentation on various myths that exist about cats.

Tara Schneider, Vet Assistant Technician

November/December 2015 VIN Course Feeding Tubes-Complications and Maintenance.

June 2016 Tara completed a 1 year course in Feline Behavior and Psychology, with Distinction.

Congratulations to Tara for her diligence and hard work to complete this comprehensive course qualifying her for the role of Feline Behavior Counselor with Cats at Home.