Fecal Analysis

The majority of cats that are infected with gastrointestinal parasites do not show any clinical signs.  Knowing that there is no single medication to eradicate all common parasites, we realize that a fecal analysis is an invaluable diagnostic test to confirm the presence and identity of parasites in the intestinal tract.

Cats at Home uses an in-house technique to analyse fecal samples of our patients, by screening for their presence.  We currently use zinc sulfate centrifugation and flotation as it is the most sensitive methodology available to discover parasitic eggs.

With our in-house program we can perform the testing at convenient times, to screen kittens, and cats that have a high probability of exposure and infection.  The testing and subsequent de-worming, directed at the specific parasite found, is not only beneficial to the health of your kitty (improved immune system), but it is also a preventive benefit to avoid any possible zoonotic transfers of parasites to family members.  As with other parasite infection, we must treat to eliminate the present generation of parasites and then in two weeks we must treat again to eliminate the next generation.  With heavy infestation we will also consider a third treatment again two weeks later.