Senior Wellness Testing

It is well known that cats age faster than humans( eg: an 11 year old cat is actually 60 years old).  As with people it is important to pay attention to your health as you age and the same is said for senior cats.  Because they age faster we are encouraged to see them twice a year in human time which is about 3 years aging in your cat (6 months ~ 3 years).

Cats at Home Senior Wellness Program is designed to address this faster aging process by looking at your cats health through screening tests ( commonly called blood and chemistry testing).  We check all aspects of their health such as blood pressure, complete blood profile (both red and white cells), urinalysis, kidney function, and all organ function tests (comprehensive diagnostic tests).  We also check the thyroid function to ensure that it is not affecting the health of your cat.  Along with our physical exam report we will give you a printed copy of the test results so that you can monitor how well your kitty is doing.  Our staff will review all test results with you to explain the results and give you time to ask any questions that may arise from the tests.

Preventive screening will reveal earlier signs of issues that could impact on your cat’s health and with proper intervention, as directed by the Doctor, you can rest assured that you and your kitty will have a longer healthy life together.