Your Cat’s Story

Cats at Home Feline Hospital – My Cat’s Story 

Dr. Thompson and staff at Cats at Home are dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients.  Every cat has a different story from their beginning to where they are today.  Some of our patients have amazing lifespans reaching 22 plus years.  Sharing your cat’s story about their care with Cats at Home can make a big difference to others trying to decide where to go for feline medical help and advice.

By telling your cat’s story here, with your permission, we will be able to feature it on our website, Facebook, or other public media helping create awareness of the treatment options now available for cats to assist them in their quality of life.

We are always interested in the particular stories that you have about your kitty whether it be regarding their medical care or their quirky personality.  Your contribution regarding your cat’s story is much appreciated as other cat owners really want to know what can be done for their cat and what the outcome would be.

We also appreciate comments regarding our service to you as well as your cat.

Please submit your story below.  Thanks, from the Cats at Home Team

Your Cat's Story